Grass Root Governance

Predict Critical Events and Actionable insight for SAFE CITY

Integrated Command and Control Center

The Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) will act as the “nerve center” of all activities in the state. It will also provide insights by processing complex data sets at an aggregated level to derive intelligence for improved Planning and Policy making. The ICCC is envisaged to aggregate information across multiple applications and sensors deployed across the state, and then provide actionable information with appropriate visualization for Key Decision Makers.
Customized AI and Big Data Analytical based solutions can be integral to all Smart/Safe City projects offers comprehensive smart and Predictive Policing intelligence analysis and Homeland Security.

Social Media Narrative Management

With exponential reach of social media, the medium is being exploited to influence masses for vested interests. It is becoming imperative in today’s times to be proactive to ensure emotional exodus of anti-social elements stays within limits.
Our Solution is able to track public conversations across disparate sources and fuse it with internal data sources to extract actionable intelligence about elements gone rogue and helps in balancing the propaganda not in tune with the lay of the land.

Real Time Monitoring of Developmental Activity

  • Developmental Activities - Track Revenue Expenditure viz a viz Projects Executed.
  • Revenue Enhancement - Increase Tax Pool by Identifying Defaulters and Evaders.
  • Disaster Management - Floods, Avalanches, Landslides etc.
  • Events of National Importance/Religious Congregations.

Key Benefits

  • Cyber Grid for Smart Governance
  • Population Profiling, Monitor Public Opinion/Sentiment Analysis, Caste/Religious Polarization, extract Themes for Mass Connect and identify Fake Propaganda.
  • Smart/Predictive Policing for Effective Internal/Law and Order Situation.
  • Database for Future Schemes/Programmes.

Impact on Leadership

  • Population Profiling for Sentiment Analysis, Welfare Schemes :-
  • Segment Data based on Geographical Location, Age, Gender, Political Affiliation, Profession etc for Personalised Engagement as aspiration of each segment would vary.
  • Two-way Communication between the People and Government Leadership.
  • Creates Awareness of Welfare Schemes for each family highlighting their Entitlements, Benefits Availed and Authorised Benefits Not Availed.
  • Perception Management and Image Building - Just, Fair, Humane and Effective Leadership :-
  • Review the performance of the Government Hierarchy or Party Cadre.
  • Grievance Mechanism/Feedback, to enhance the Effective Governess/Personal Connect with the People by the Leadership.
  • Real-time Engagements, Updates, Broadcast of Events/Schemes by the Government with the last person/family.
  • Increase Mass Support Base of the government.

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