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C1 India Cyber Solutions is a leading global company in the space of Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, Cyber Security, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics Solutions and in the field of IT/ITES operations and delivered many award-winning projects, served 30+ Industry verticals. We build innovative IT, Telecom Solutions and Cybersecurity Services embellished with cutting-edge technologies by leveraging our deep domain capabilities, and experience in Digital Technologies. C1 India Cyber Solutions, a Division of C1 India Pvt Ltd is leading the effort by utilising the best proven technologies to stay ahead of these threats and eliminate them before an attack on facilities and manpower.
We pride ourselves as leading cyber security consultants in the country and have been closely associated with government and corporate organisations, as we are able address their pain points on any type of cyber-attack, data breach, ransomware and identify root cause of cyber security issues

Why C1 India Cyber Solutions?

Our Uniqueness

With the onset of the digital revolution, the world is facing new threats based on technology advancements which are freely available to criminals and anti-social elements. Some of these threats are :-
  • Criminal Profiling and Tracking.
  • Women and Child Safety.
  • Anti-Social Elements.
  • Frauds and Cyber Crimes etc.
It is pertinent to mention that the amount of digital information available to Law Enforcement Agencies has also exploded. Although Law Enforcement agencies thrives on information, however, the sheer volume of internally and externally collected data make finding the right information at the right time a seemingly impossible task. Information available to the agencies ranges from :-
  • An Organization’s Internally Generated Reports.
  • Reports shared with/and by State and National Intelligence Agencies.
  • Data from Telecom Tower Dumps.
  • Metadata from Internet Records.
  • Satellite Imageries, Drone Feeds and CCTV Cameras.
  • Integration with Crime Records (CCTNS).
  • Forensics Tools for Computers and Mobile Phones.
  • Deep and Dark Web.
  • News Aggregates.
  • Social Media.
Emerging threats can be neutralised by using latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition, Drone Surveillance, latest technology control systems and trained personnel handling them in a coordinated manner.

Our Vision

"To be a preferred and a trusted partner to address Cyber Security Concerns by pioneer performances driven technology and make Cyber Security easily accessible."

Our Mission

“To be the world’s leading technology partners through our innovation and customer-centric approach by offering credible Cyber Security and Technology Solution."

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