Cyber Security Assesment AND Audit

Cyber Security Assesment AND Cyber Range

We offer a unique SOC validation tool

We offer a unique SOC validation tool, to solve the challenges faced by organizations when detecting new and advanced cyber-attacks from various threat groups. Unlike traditional traffic-based simulators that are used to test SOC environments, our tool emulates the malwares or malicious behavior on the endpoint using an agent. This makes the attack simulations as real as possible to help audit SOC deployments and in checking readiness to handle sophisticated attacks.

Adversary Emulation

It is an automatic adversary emulation tool that simulates the attack on the internal network using a variety of tactics and techniques defined in the Mitre Attack Matrix. It performs post-compromise adversarial behaviour inside an organisation’s network to test your security controls.

Key Features List

  • Completely Automated
  • Decision Engine to Choose Exploits
  • Cross-Platform
  • Modern Exploits as Seen in the Wild
  • Run-on Single or Multiple Machines
  • Customizable to Setup Scenarios
  • Ability to Upload Custom Exploit Scripts
  • Seamless Updates and Support
  • Compete Logs and Reports to Show How the Attack was Performed

Key Benefits

  • Audit and Improve Technologies deployed for Cyber Threat Detection and Response Capabilities.
  • Improves SOPs and Response Times against real-time sophisticated cyber-attacks.
  • Conduct cyber security drills in an organization.
  • Conduct SOC Maturity Assessments.
  • Emulate attacks that can test the effectiveness of Endpoints (Desktops, Servers, Supported Embedded devices), Networking Boxes (Routers, Switches), Perimeter Security Devices (Firewall, UTM, IDS) and log Analysis Tools (SIEM).


Most Popular Use Cases

Cyber Range

In order to protect the various Critical Information Infrastructure , we can help various Government entities to plan for National/State Cyber Range to accelerate the testing and resilience building for Cyber Security environment.
We offer a powerful adversary attack simulation service that provides continuous ‘Red-Teaming’ for critical business environment to defend from Cyber Criminals 24/7*.


Most Popular Use Cases

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