Enhanced Operational Efficiency : Empower Frontline Soldier

Integrated Command and Control Centre

Secured Data Management’ remains a major challenge for government/semi-government organisations. Our indigenous state-of-the art ‘Big Data Analytical Platform’ is the key to this, as it can ingest huge amounts of data, provide charts and visual relationship analysis. Our solution is based on cutting edge “Artificial Intelligence” which is able to grasp esoteric concepts, learn and adapt itself without any support of training/re-training and programming. It offers Multiple Modules for automatic (minimal Human intervention) to process unstructured, semi-structured and structured data sets by creating a ‘Big Data Repository’ and provide a single source for data collation, analysis, synthesis and real-time dissemination

Strategic and Actionable Intelligence

  • Effectively Monitor Cross Border Activities of Defence Forces, Terrorists Infrastructure and anti national elements
  • Forecasting Events of Advisory Training and movment of truth, cross border intrusion and security forces etc.
  • Monitor Terrorist and their Network incl OGWs, for Mission Critical Intelligence Inputs.
  • Tracking Suspicious Movement of People, Arms, Ammunition, Vehicles and Inflammables.
  • Provides Holistic 3D Picture of Evolving Situation - Real Time Sharing of Actionable Intelligence with Field Troops.

Fleet Management

Data is sitting in silos and dynamics of the geography are changing rapidly, it becomes a mammoth task for our defenses forces to ensure deployment of forces and equipment is in tune with the operational necessity.
Since force deployment and movement is such a major exercise, it demands a panoramic and real time view. Our solution syncs multiple datasets to give a single dashboard to stay abreast with developments happening across the fence, identify vulnerable zones, align the troops, equipment, arsenal, fleet and keep them ready.

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